Don’t Dislike

Although there are plenty of posts we read on Facebook that would prompt us to push the “dislike” button, don’t do it. If you see a “dislike” on Facebook, know that it’s spammers trying to use it to scam users. Clicking the “dislike” takes you to a page that asks you to copy and paste Javascript code into the address bar. And if you do that, WHAM, malicious code. Dislike indeed.

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Ten Million Monsters

One little, two little, ten million monsters!  How does Lady Gaga do it? She now has more than 10 million Twitter followers. The mega-star is outshining all others on social media, having now hit 10 million fans on Facebook and one billion views on YouTube. I guess a star is born this way.

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UnTag You’re Not It!

This is a good tip for Monday morning, after the weekend. Want to prevent the  infamous tagged photo from showing up in all of your friends’ facebook news feeds? Go to your profile privacy page on facebook. Modify the setting next to “Photos Tagged of You.” Select the option which says “Customize…” and a box will pop up. Select the option “Only Me” and then “None of My Networks” if you would like to keep all tagged photos private. That’s it. Oh yes, and when someone points a cell phone at you with a beer bottle in hand…or worse…step away.

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Ice Cream Tweets

Can you spare a Tweet?  Ben & Jerry’s is advocating using your “spare Twitter characters” to support free trade.  It’s an interesting twist and really won’t cost you a dime.

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I really like this article about avoiding voicemail.   And here I was on my high horse, telling people not to do direct mail. But this guy has me beaten … don’t even try the old telephone tether. I have to agree. After paper mail, voice mail is about the last thing I check.   It’s inefficient and pretty much can’t be archived. Yup, voicemail is definitely in the same category as Yellow Pages and fax machines. Dump it.

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Facing Up to Facebook Leaks

Seems while you were building your farm on Farmville, someone else was building a secret profile of you. Are you really shocked?  Facebook is the great American database. It’s a goldmine for marketers both good and not so good. Not surprising at all, really.

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An Electric Tale

As a new Nissan Leaf owner, I find the story of the EV1 fascinating. GM made the electric car in the late 1990s and leased it to users in a few Western states. While customer reaction to the EV1 was positive, GM believed that electric cars occupied an unprofitable niche of the automobile market as they were only able to lease 800 units in face of production costs of $1 billion over four years. So, you know what they did? They repossessed the cars and crushed them.  That’s right, scrap heap.  Ouch. As a result, enthusiastic environmentalists went over to Toyota. Ouch again.

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